International Kindergarten/Child Care Center

4-30-5 Kaminoge Setagaya Tokyo

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Kindergarten And Holiday Daycare will be closed for The 2012-2013 School Year.

"I really want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to attend American World. Our children had such a great experience and I had peace of mind knowing they were in a safe and wonderful environment. "
-Carole D.
Former Parent
"Thank you for making American World. Thank you for making all the children be our friends. Love, Leo"
                     -Leo S. (5 yrs old)
                       Former Student

"You have been an amazing hostess to  me in this experience. It is appreciated immensely and I hope to maintain a strong relationship with you. Thanks again for everything you do. Don't think for a second that it is going unnoticed."
                                        -Josh Y.
                                  Former Staff
    Mission Statement
We must not forget that each child has their own personality and character.
I like to think of children as flower seedlings; there is an unlimited
variety; each having their own fragrance, color, and distinguishing characteristics.
They bloom at various times, some prefer the shade while others yearn for
the sun. We must step back and observe each child without comparing them
to others; it is necessary to support and assist each child in order for
him/her to excel at his/her own pace and fashion..................
American World International School
4-30-5 Kaminoge Setagaya Tokyo 1580093Japan