International Kindergarten/Child Care Center

4-30-5 Kaminoge Setagaya Tokyo

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Mission Statement

 We must not forget that each child has their own personality and character. I like to think of children as flower seedlings; there is an unlimited variety; each having their own fragrance, color, and distinguishing characteristics. They bloom at various times, some prefer the shade while others yearn for the sun. We must step back and observe each child without comparing them to others; it is necessary to support and assist each child in order for him/her to excel at his/her own pace and fashion. This is a critical yet a very sensitive process: It is important to value each personality and character while still maintaining a structured and firm sense of discipline in order for each student to build self esteem and confidence. Without this we can not function in this modern and fast moving world.
The wonderful combination of our kind and warm hearted teachers, small classes, excellent curriculum, and varied materials at American World will give your child the tools to build a solid base necessary for both understanding and learning the English language and functioning in this challenging world.
 There are many reasons why parents choose to come to American World. For instance, some families will move/return abroad, some have come/returned from abroad, or some wish for their children to become bi-lingual at a young age for the international world that awaits them. Whatever the case, we not only satisfy all of our parents, but we have proven that our efficient and exciting learning methods are just what our seedlings need to thrive in.
 Our teachers patiently nurture the warm and cozy garden awaiting each flower to blossom.
Ms. Buntin
American World International School
4-30-5 Kaminoge Setagaya Tokyo 1580093Japan