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 ●対象学年 10年生(高校1年生)、11年生(高校2年生)、12年生(高校3年生)

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UC Berkeley, Stanford, Santa Clara University, San Francisco State University,
UC Davis, University of San Francisco, Uni. of the Pacific, etc...
Stanford University
Prepare your teenager for the future! Don't wait till it's too late! Your child will be off to college before you know it!!! We have designed a program for teenagers to build "college life skills". We will visit universities to give students a feel for life after high school, along with a realistic representation of the skills they will require once they have left home.
College freshmen often find college life challenging. We will prepare students by giving them an opportunity to experience semi-independent living, allowing them to prepare for future college life away from home. Students will learn how to shop and cook inexpensive dishes with readily available American ingredients, along with learning how to clean and maintain their living place. Participants in the program will also learn of the various activities available to them as college students and will also be shown the many services that universities offer such as university health centers, student union centers, and academic guidance centers.
UC Berkeley
San Jose State University

-Dates: March 22, 2014 to March 29, 2014
-Duration: 8 days

-Dates: June 14, 2013 to August 16, 2014
-Duration: 2 to 10 weeks
American World International School
4-30-5 Kaminoge Setagaya Tokyo 1580093Japan